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    Swimmers of the Week

    These swimmers work hard daily, have great attitudes, show great sportsmanship, and improved their time. Way to go!

    June 29

    PURPLE group: Ralen Holland and Brody Belue

    WHITE group: Elizabeth Lockhart and Landon Hall

    SILVER group: Ella Patrick and Alex Hirschburger

    June 22

    PURPLE group: Anna Ruth Hall and John Fogleman

    WHITE group: Lola Kelly and Guilluame Fradet

    SILVER group: Elise Thompson and T Lewis

    June 15

    PURPLE group: Callie Stockton and Grant Miskin

    WHITE group: Allie Sinclair and Preston Fairchild

    SILVER group: Ava Patrick and Ian Truesdale

    June 8

    PURPLE group: Alera Holland & Phen Wunder

    WHITE group: Lillian Clark & Antoine Fradet

    SILVER group: Sarah Adeline Branyon & Nick Hirschburger

    June 1
    PURPLE group: Aubree Motz & Reese Plyler

    WHITE group: Myla Strossner & James Rinella

    SILVER group: Riley Fairchild & Connor Hall

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    Coaches Corner


    SAIL has very strong words about "code of conduct" and disciplinary actions. Unfortunately, some unsportsmanlike behaviors in a higher division last year caused their task force to revise rules. Technical rule 3.4 has been updated to explicitly list conduct violations for swimmers, coaches, and spectators. The referee has the authority to remove violators from the premises. Other penalties include team fines and probation, suspension, or permanent ban of individuals from SAIL. "Disrespectful and/ or unsportsmanlike behaviors" in rule 3.4 may include, but is not limited to, taunting, physical or verbal abuse, harassment, misuse of facilities, or interference with the operation of a meet. Some specific violations are 1. use of profanity, 2. sale and/or use of alcohol, 3. smoking, 4. disrespectful or unsportsmanlike behavior. These rules apply to all areas at the meet venue.

    As members of SAIL and of Dove Tree, I beg all of you to create a mature, healthy, and fair atmosphere for ALL swimmers at all times. Please discuss this with your swimmers. (They should even watch what they write on their bodymarkings!) I have no doubt that the Riptides will host and compete graciously!

    Private Lessons Available

    Coach Evan and Coach Hannah are available and excited to offer private swim lessons. Reach out to them if you are interested.

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